轉載/台僑寫給美國眾議員Robert Andrews

經那天您與陳老師和王議員在快樂三口組的提議和鼓勵寫信感謝美國眾議員Robert Andrews,我與先生各自寫了信去感謝他,並說明一些我們的所見所聞和想法,希望他能繼續關心台灣。我們也努力與我們的美國朋友分享和說明台灣的情況,以及Robert Andrews的積極作為,我們的幾位朋友也紛紛表明願意寫封強烈的建議和感謝信給他。

這對於我這位台灣女兒來說,實在感動到無法言語。而且,我知道,經由一些美國公民(非台灣裔的美國公民)來投書,將帶來不同的影響力量。我將自己和先生寫給Robert Andrews的信夾在檔案裡,我亦將英文版翻成中文。雖然不是範本信件,但願與大家分享。我想,裡頭有一些能感動台灣人的情思,可以讓辛苦打拼的台灣人知道我們不寂寞。   Doris上20090625

Congressman Andrews:

My name is XXX. I am from Taiwan. I believe that Mr. Congressman might have received many letters like this to express the appreciation from Taiwanese people and Taiwanese Americans. That is because you have touched many Taiwanese’s hearts.

Since Mr. Ma Ying-jeou was elected as Taiwan President, there is a growing population of people worried that we Taiwanese are soon to be forced to become citizens of the People’s Republic of China, which is continuously threaten us by pointing over 1000 missiles at our homeland. These concerns have been proven factual when one looks at the action taken by Mr. Ma Ying-jeou and his administration.

For instance, about two weeks ago, Mr. Ma asked the Taiwanese people to start learning ONLY to read Traditional Mandarin but to write Simplified Mandarin like Chinese people, so Taiwanese and Chinese can connect and unit as one nation. This traitorous speech provokes almost every person in Taiwan, including those who support Mr. Ma and his party. As a result, Mr. Ma sent his spokesman to FIX his statement. What he said was meant for the Chinese people, not to Taiwanese people. It is ironical and pathetic, isn’t it? Sadly, that was just one of the outrageous insults inflicted on the Taiwanese people.

In history, people always fight for freedom and justice because they live in the hearts of all human being; moreover, people are willing to risk their lives to get them. In 1775, Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” This is the same spirit carried in the blood from one generation to the next. I personally witness it in United States as a daughter in-law of America; it is beautiful.

I always admire and respect the determination and bravery that American founding Fathers and all the anonymous heroes held on to. Due to it, Americans can have priceless and perpetual universal values in hands and peruse more. Now, we Taiwanese are in the same position as early Americans’. Of course, many Taiwanese people and I also know that it is our responsibility not others’ to stand up for ourselves, and we are trying very hard. However, sometimes we just need some help as America did during the American Revolution.

Thank you so much. Mr. Andrews, you speak for justice and warm many Taiwanese people’s hearts. In our culture, there is an expression, “The tiger gets a pair of wings,” which means a person gets more strength to fight. Your letter to President Obama is that kind of aid for Taiwanese people. Furthermore, it will help the world to realize that Mr. Ma Ying-jeou is a new dictator who is only concerned whether or not his dream of making Taiwan become a province of China can come true. He does this at the expense of the very freedom and safety of his own people. This is cowardly and shameful. Also, it will clear the cloud for the people in the world to see through Mr. Ma Ying-jeou’s love of freedom, democracy, and human rights are just gorgeous suits he dresses to hide his real personality that of a brutal autocrat.

I believe that by doing what is right is your passion and leads you to your current position. The residents of New Jersey and the citizens of the United States are lucky to have you as their congressman, and now, Taiwanese people are also fortunate to have you as a good friend on the road of protecting freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Thanks again with all my heart.















Dear Congressman Andrews:

Let me begin by offering my most heartfelt thanks for the concern you have shown for Taiwan. As the husband of a Taiwanese lady, I have a personal interest in what takes place in this peaceful island nation.

You are quite correct when you have stated that the Ma administration is only concerned with serving China at the expense of his own people.

During my latest visit to Taiwan, this past October, I personal witnessed scenes that would sicken you and all Americans. The Ma administration ordered all of the nation flags to be taken down and hidden during the visit of an official from China. He also had hordes of riot police beating and arresting any citizen waving their nation flag or demonstrating any form of nation pride.

I urge you to continue to push this important issue with your fellow congress men and women, as well as the senate and white house.











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